Content Validity

  Content validity is an important scientific concept.  It is
important that measures of concepts are high in content
validity.  For example, it is important that a personality measure
has significant content validity.  Thus, content validity is an
important concept with respect to personality psychology.
What is content validity?  Below is one definition of content

Content Validity Definition:

Content validity refers to the extent to which the items of a
measure reflect the content of the concept that is being

Content Validity Example:

       In order to have a clear understanding of content validity, it
would be important to include an example of content validity.
Below is one example:

      A measure of loneliness has 12 questions.  Several experts
on loneliness review the questions to discern the extent to which
the questions reflect the scope of the concept of loneliness.  
They determined that the measure of loneliness reflects the
key elements of loneliness.  The questions seemed to reflect
such elements as a feeling of isolation, not feeling that one has
close relationships, not feeling that there is someone to talk to
about one's feelings and concerns, and not feeling part of a
group friends.