Construct Validity

  Construct validity is an important scientific concept.   It is
important to evaluate the validity of a measure or personality
test.   This would be an important issue in personality
psychology.  What is construct validity?   Below is one
definition of construct validity:

Construct Validity Definition:

Construct validity is the extent to which a test measures the
concept or construct that it is intended to measure.

Construct Validity Example:

 There are many possible examples of construct validity.  For
example, imagine that you were interested in developing a
measure of perceived meaning in life.  You could develop a
questionnaire with questions that are intended to measure
perceived meaning in life.  If your measure of perceived
meaning in life has high construct validity then higher scores
on the measure should reflect greater perceived meaning in
life.  In order to demonstrate construct validity, you may
collect evidence that your measure of perceived meaning in
life is highly correlated other measures of the same concept or
construct.  Moreover, people who perceive their lives as highly
meaningful should score higher on your measure than people
who perceive their lives as low in meaning.
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