Cognitive Psychology

       One of the subfields of psychology is cognitive
.  It is important to define cognitive psychology.  
What is cognitive psychology?   Below is one definition of
cognitive psychology:

Cognitve Psychology Definition:

Cognitive psychology is a subfield of psychology that
involves the scientific investigation of mental processes such
as memory, attention, perception, problem solving, and
judgment and decision making.

Cognitive Psychology Questions:

In order to gain a better understanding of cognitive
psychology it may be beneficial to understand some of the
questions that may be addressed in cognitive psychology
research.  There are many possible cognitive psychology
topics and questions in cognitive psychology.  Below are some
of the possible questions:

What variables affect the ability of an eyewitness to
remember an event?

What determines a person's ability to develop creative
solutions to problems?

What are the possible biases in our judgments of the
probability of events?