Applied Psychology

      Topics in psychology may concern concepts and findings, as well as
practical applications of the findings and concepts.  The practical applications
concern the subfield of applied psychology.  What is applied psychology?  
Below is one definition of applied psychology?

Applied Psychology Definition:

Applied psychology is the subfield of psychology that involves the
practical application of ideas and findings to real-world problems
(personal or societal problems).

Applied Psychology Examples:

There are many possible examples of applied psychology.  Below are some of
the possible examples of applied psychology:

1.  Using research findings on donating behavior to help nonprofits improve their
fundraising efforts.

2.  Using research findings and theories in social psychology to encourage
people to recycle.

3.   Using theories and findings in psychology to help people avoid biases in
their judgments and decisions.

4.   Using theories and findings in psychology to help foster forgiveness.