The Sincere Apology Letter

An apology is an important element of effective
communication.  One important question concerns how to
apologize.  Writing an apology letter (e.g., a customer
apology letter) may be one good way to apologize.  Thus, it
is important to know how to write an apology letter.
    It is very important that any letter of apology is
perceived to be sincere.  If an apology is not perceived to
be sincere, it could have a negative effect.  The person who
receives the apology letter could have a more negative
view of the person who writes the apology letter.
   A sincere apology letter may be perceived to be a letter
that reflects careful thinking, significant effort, and
acknowledgement of the other person's feelings.  The
apology letter could say more than simply that you
apologize.  A short letter may not seem sincere.  A detailed
and specific letter may reflect greater effort and careful
thinking.  If it is detailed and specific, it may convey that
you were very serious about writing the letter.  Also, if you
acknowledge the other person's feelings, it may be
perceived to be much more sincere.