Altruism Definition
Altruism is an important concept in psychology.    Being
altruistic can be considered one of the
characteristics of a good
   What is altruism?  It is important to define altruism and gain
an understanding of the meaning of altruistic behavior.  Below
is a definition of altruism:

Altruism is helping behavior that is motivated by a selfless
concern for the welfare of another person.

Based on above altruism definition, not all helping behavior
reflects altruism.  Only selfless heping is considered altruism.
 It may be difficult to determine whether helping behavior truly
reflects altruism.  This seems to be true because there are a
number of possible selfish motives to help another person.   
Also, if a person enjoys helping others and also has a true
concern for the welfare for others, can it still considered
altruism?  It seems that many helping behaviors could be
considered as benefiting the person who helps because it is
likely that the person who helps another person will experience
the joy of helping others.  Thus, it may not be possible to
completely separate selfish motivation from altruistic
motivation in many situations.