Understanding human behavior is important.   There may be
many interesting research findings in psychology.   These
include findings from psychology experiments and
correlational studies.  Research psychology articles can be
very informative.    This website may be of interest to people
who are interested in articles on psychology, human behavior
experiments, and research on human behavior.
    A primary purpose of this website is educational:  to
provide interesting and important information and findings on
feeling, thinking, and human behavior.
    Because some of the articles on this website concern
concepts or research findings in psychology, it can be
considered one of the important psychology websites.
   This website, psychologyandsociety.com, was started by
Brad Bell in 2006.  This website is part of Blue Fox
Communications (another website that is part of Blue Fox
Communications is
bluefoxcom.com).  Brad Bell is the owner
of Blue Fox Communications.  I (Brad Bell) wrote all the
articles on psychologyandsociety.com.
   In selecting research findings to be included in articles for
this website, I consider several factors.  For example, I think
about how many people might be interested in the research
findings.  I also consider whether the findings can be clearly
interpreted and presented.  I have included articles on a
number of psychology topics.  
    This website also contains ideas about possible solutions to
important problems.  Some of these problems include
unmotivated students, a low response rate in mail fundraising,
and a lack of meaning at work.  For example, I describe a
three-step fundraising technique.
    I have included information on writing papers.  This
information may be useful for anyone writing academic
   One of the pages (Research Ideas) contains information
that may be helpful in thinking of ideas for conducting
scientific studies.  I have included some guidelines and
specific research questions.
  There is also information on important concepts.  These
include psychology concepts and scientific concepts.