Inspirational Poems

Some poems can be viewed as inspirational poems about life.
These short inspirational poems may involve inspirational thoughts
that are uplifting.   They may foster a sense of hope or meaning. (1)
    I have included three short poems that I wrote that I would
consider examples of metaphor poems, inspirational poems about
life, and meaningful poems about life.
    One of the poems ("Soaring Above the Clouds") can also be
considered an optimistic, positive attitude, or hope poem.
    Some inspirational poems may be poems about acceptance,
letting go, and forgiveness.  One of the poems below ("Where
Eagles Fly") can be viewed as an acceptance, letting go, and
forgiveness poem.   It may provide some insight into how to forgive
and the meaning of forgiveness.
    The first two poems below are from my poetry chapbook,
Dance with the Wind
(Bell, 1999).  The last poem ("Where Eagles
Fly" is a revised version of a poem in my chapbook,
To Dance with
the Wind
(some of the words in the original version of the poem
were omitted in the poem below).

Reconnecting with the Past

                The past is not a tape
                in a tape recorder to
                be erased and recorded

                The past and the present
                are part of the same picture
                that we paint of life.
                Each event in life adds
                a new color to the picture.
                Each event in life adds a
                new element to the landscape.

                We need to reconnect with
                the past to see the majestic
                quality of the entire picture
                that we paint of life.
                The past helps us make sense
                of the present.  

              Soaring Above the Clouds

               The darkness of negative
               thinking hovers over us
               like clouds in a thunderstorm.

               Our view of things is
               obscured, like driving
               through dense fog.

               We need to soar
               above the clouds.
               Every day can be
               a sunny day if
               we perceive the glass
               as at least half full.
               Every day can be
               a sunny day if
               we find meaning in
               something we do
               each day of our lives.

Where Eagles Fly

               I am no longer sitting
               in the prison of regret.
               I have accepted the past.
               I am now free to embrace
               the present with a new
               sense of appreciation.

               I am no longer shackled
               by bitterness.  I have
               learned to forgive
               what I thought was
               not forgivable.
               I am free
               to experience the joy of
               unconditional acceptance.

               I am no longer a puppet
               on strings.  My eyes are
               open to see reality with a
               truly authentic mind.
               I allow myself to be
               completely free to soar
               gracefully like an eagle.
               My animated soul
               dances with the wind.


1.  There is an article entitled, "The Psychology of Poetry", on this


Bell, B.  (1999).  To Dance with the Wind.  Portland, OR:  Blue
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