One important topic is pets and people.  One basic question
concerns the benefits of pets.  There may be a few possible
benefits of having a pet (e.g., benefits of having a dog or cat).

Benefits of Pets

    One of the primary benefits of pets may be that they
provide meaning in our lives.  For example, a person may feel
that his or her life has more purpose because of having a pet.  
Moreover, the benefits of pet ownership may involve greater
happiness.  Finally, the benefits of owning a pet may also
involve becoming a better person.  For example, having a pet
might result in a person being more caring or responsible.

Pets Research Findings

It is important to gain knowledge of some research findings
concerning pets.  This page contains articles with research
findings pertaining to pets and animal companionship.
Birds as Pets:  What Do People Find Rewarding About Companionship with Birds?
Do We Believe That Our Pets Are Better Than the Average Pet?
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