VISUAL ART

Many people enjoy visual art.   It is important to gain
an understanding of the purpose of visual art.

The Purpose of Visual Art

What is the meaning of art?   What is the purpose of
art?    These are some important questions concerning the
psychology of art, especially the psychology of visual art.  
It may be easier to address these questions than the
question concerning what is art, or the question concerning
the elements of art.
        Visual art is a form of self-expression, and
self-expression can be viewed as part of the definition of
art).  It can allow artists to express their personality in their
art.  This may foster greater meaning in life.
        People may find art that is novel or unique very
interesting.  Thus, visual art that is novel (e.g., an abstract
painting) may be judged as meaningful because it is unique
or novel.

Research Findings

     Research findings concerning visual art may be very
interesting.  This page concerns research on visual art
preferences and evaluation of visual art.
Psychology of Art:  Is Liberalism-Conservatism Related to Art Preferences?
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